Between March 20 and 31 the 16th edition of the world´s largest documentary film festival CPH:DOX takes place in Copenhagen. The visual universe of this year’s edition has been created in collaboration between Normann Copenhagen and Maria Bruun and Anne Dorthe Vester of MBADV Studio. Together, they have curated the entire visitor experience, from the first step into Kunsthal Carlottenborg and onwards through the many high-ceiling halls, which include a sofa cinema, a VR space, and vibrant lounge environments. The creation has required a number of special focus on the décor in order to give room for debate accommodating and underpin heavy topics. In line with the various themes of the festival, such as European refugee policies, the current state of democracies, art, music and human diversity, the décor features a diverse color scheme, while recurring round shapes, appearing as a sea of poufs, pillar constructions and sculptural light decorations, adding a sense of cohesion to the overall experience.

As the first and largest sofa cinema in the country, furnished with 34 Rope sofas, the festival’s Social Cinema offers a uniquely social and relaxed cinema experience, transforming neighbor into a partner for common reflection. The long rows of sofas are flanked by heavy, theatrical curtains which, together with a dramatic color palette in shades of red, reference classic cinematic scenography. 
In contrast to the collective experience offered by the Social Cinema, the festival’s Virtual Reality Cinema creates an intimate space within the space, where the audience is invited to enjoy a film experience with opportunities for introspection, surrounded by calming hues of green. Normann Copenhagen’s Hyg armchair marks the departure point for an escape from reality, with the chair’s enclosing form providing a comfortable and private space from which visitors can watch a new world unfold behind their VR glasses. 
The materiality of the various spaces is highlighted by elegant and sustainable textiles from Camira, which adorn horizontal, vertical, and curved surfaces in an interplay between esthetics and function.  
Walking into the Talk Room, the visitors will meet on neutral ground. Tones of beige, sand, and nude stand as a blank canvas for nuanced exchanges and expressions between visitors and the inspiring array of speakers who guests this year’s documentary festival.