Cecilie Manz x Reform

The Degree kitchen design by Cecilie Manz for Reform is characterized by its subtly graphic details creating a modern look. The fronts is available in to versions; a painted MDF, matte light grey version, painted consistently around the front, back, edges and handles, and a veneered Oregon Pine front, a natural material with a light, red-brownish wood color. The front has fine narrow wood grain placed diagonally at a 45 degree angle on both front and back. The Degree handle consists of solid wood in Oregon pine, milled into the corner of the front forming a triangle. The designer Cecilie Manz recommends a 5 or 8 mm solid stainless steel countertop with a floating look, made possible from a shadowed panel placed 20 mm from the countertop edge underneath the surface. The kitchen is a natural gathering place, and Ceclie Manz has designed a kitchen balancing functionality and a hospitable atmosphere.