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Northern Comfort

Posted on September 28th, by Dorthe Smeby in media.
The new book Northern Comfort, the Nordic Art of Creative Living published by Gestalten, takes a closer look at some of the Nordic region´s most inspiring and insightful ideas and individuals.

Petite Places

Posted on September 7th, by Dorthe Smeby in media.
The recently published book Petite Places by Gestalten with the subtitle Clever Interiors for Humble Homes, presents 250 pages of inspiration and possibilities on clever solutions for compact living.


Posted on August 16th, by Dorthe Smeby in media.
Our surroundings and homes are obviously characterized by who we are, our background and education. We also seek inspiration that give us insight and experiences that have a great impact on our work and way of living.

100 Travel Favorites

Posted on June 28th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture, media.
The Monocle Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways newly published by Gestalten tell you where to find a top hotel, and reveals 100 favorites. Inspirational and packed with insight the chosen stop-ins have the value of thoughtful hospitality.


Posted on June 7th, by Dorthe Smeby in media.
A room can have interesting details in floors, walls and ceilings and originality in surfaces, exciting furniture and lighting. NYTT ROM 64 explores different types of inspiring Scandinavian qualities that underlines our integrity.

The CAFx

Posted on May 1st, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture, media, People.
The Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx) 2018 theme is Housing Homes, investigating how and where architecture makes a difference. From May 3-16 events will take place in Copenhagen, as well as in Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense.


Posted on April 5th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture, Design, graphic design, Interior, media, People, Products.
When we meet true passion, our brain is on alert loading new impulses and curiosity reach our mind. Those who share their dreams possess an authenticity that is credible and thus worth listening to. NYTT ROM 63 is in stores now.


Posted on February 9th, by Dorthe Smeby in media.
Modern homes appear differently. Based on a given situation they are designed accordingly to interest, personal approach, construction and desired functionality. Interesting and liberating. We call it The Adjusted Style.

Spectrum by Pawson

Posted on January 31st, by Dorthe Smeby in media.
The globally acclaimed architect John Pawson is celebrated for his minimalistic aesthetic, the simplicity in form and primarily a white color palette. The book Spectrum tells another story.