Atelier Cph News

Atelier Cph´s new 2019 poster design collection called Deconstructed is inspired by architectural sketches and the Dutch art movement De Stijl. After visiting the Bauhaus building known as The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin the interest in architectural lines emerged. Together with the interest for understanding the art movement De Stijl about abstraction and universality they have created an assembling of cubistic and geometric shapes positioned in layers where both vertical and horizontal lines meet. Atelier Cph has grasped the historic importance of these movements and translated it into a modern collection where historical marks on paper, cut outs and subtle pencil lines create a new minimalistic dimension.

Atelier Cph is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark founded by the creative director Mandy Rep & trend forecaster Sara Ingemann. Atelier Cph delivers solutions within art direction, concept development, trend forecasting, concept styling and graphic design.

See the whole collection here.