Aiayu Black

Aiayu is pronounced ai-ya-yu and means ‘soul’ in Bolivia’s indigenous Aymara language. Since the start in 2005 the Danish brand Aiayu has grown into a fashion and lifestyle brand, with a range of eco-luxe home ware and bed linen. At the core of its philosophy is a commitment to ethical business practices and transparency in the production chain. Aiayu products are sourced where the materials originate, luxurious llama wool from Bolivia, cashmere from Nepal, and organic cotton products from India. Protecting the environment, as well as the workers’ rights is fundamental. “We are against the non-stop fashion cycle and constantly changing trends. Aiayu is about using the best materials to give everything depth and richness. – We want to make pieces to keep in your wardrobe, to wear again and again. If the quality is good, it lasts an age, Maria Høgh Heilmann, co-founder and creative director explains.

January 9, Aiayu launches the Aiayu Black collection with a takeover of its Copenhagen store in Store Strandstræde in Copenhagen. For 2 weeks, customers will find it stocked solely with the range of all-black separates. I have always worn a lot of black, even in summer. I guess I’m a minimalist at heart. Black both simplifies and exaggerates. I like the strength of black – it’s the color of rebellion and revolt. I’m also drawn to its purity and simplicity. With Aiayu Black we had the idea of taking our range and literally painting the pieces black, making an all-black collection, Maria Høgh Heilmann says. The result is pieces that serve as the building blocks of any wardrobe. Celebrating the power and simplicity of black, as well as its spirit of defiance, Aiayu Black is the first in a planned series of between-seasons concept collections.