Aesop Duke of York Square

The Aesop Duke of York Square in London is the latest addition to Aesop´s series of uniquely designed boutiques around the world. The interior created by Snøhetta is characterized by classic architypes, a pale red color palette, and stainless steel elements. In the 108 square meter retail space an existing column is used as the main element and starting point for the store´s layout. From the centralized column, 12 arches stretch towards the perimeter walls and a subtle gradient color ranging from light to darker shade on the arches further emphasizes the gradient effect. The walls, ceiling and arches are clad in a pink-pigmented clay based plaster, giving the space a royal rose-color. The simple and clear color palette is contrasted by extensive use of steel in the other custom elements of the store. Aesop Duke of York is Snøhetta´s first permanently built project in England, and is the seventh Aesop store they have created. Photo: Paola Pansini.