Abramović in Scandinavia

In 2017 both Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art will present the first major retrospective presentation of Marina Abramović work in Europe. The exhibition is produced in close collaboration with the artist and will start its tour at Moderna Museet in Stockholm the 18th February. The fascinating Serbian born and New York based artist has changed the world of art with her performances and artistic approach, and is one of few artists evoking such strong emotions and reactions in her viewers. The amazing woman turned 70 in November last year and the New York Magazine published an article written by Carl Swanson well suited for the occasion. You can read the whole article here.


Marina Abramović, Stromboli III Volcano, 2002 Photo: Paolo Canevari. Courtesy Marina Abramović Archives.

Marina Abramovic´, The Hero, 2001. Foto: TheMahler.com. Courtesy of the Marina Abramovic´Archives.

Marina Abramovic´, Places of Power, Waterfall, 2013. Courtesy Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo.