Vipp Design

Morten Bo Jensen is the man behind all Vipp´s products since 2006. With a strong belief in fewer but better products, he prefers timelessness ahead of trends. By retaining the DNA of the Vipp pedal bin from 1939  (when it all started) in all parts of the design is his goal to take the industrial principles of functionality and bring them into private homes. Educated as a an industrial designer in Denmark an with a past working for Biomega, Morten Bo Jensen took the challenge og bringing 75-years old design principles into the future. Here, he comments on the essence of a Vipp product:

– How does Vipp distinguish itself from the booming design industry?

– We only make one type of each product. Because once you have captured the essence of a product and done your utmost in its conception, what else is there to achieve? Therefore, you will never see a younger model of an existing Vipp Product. Instead, our aim is also to develop products that make a difference compared to what the industry already offers through a higher quality and better function. It´s not just about developing something that is new or different for that reason alone. For example, we believe that the market lacked a proper, long-lasting dishwasher brush, and which offers the possibility to replace the head unlike disposable dishwashing brushes. So we developed our own.

– So detail is king?

– Yes. A Vipp Product is essentially what it does and function guides every detail of our designs. Functional solutions thought out on a detail level provide an honest expression of how the product is constructed while adding to the experience of using it day after day.

From the range of bathroom products, kitchen and kitchen products, Vipp shelter house, lamps and a daybed – get inspired: