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By foot, bike or bus the Copenhagen guidebook offers a low-key urban experience, from cultural attractions, chic boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants, an inspirational guide to places that only insiders of the city know and go. The series characteristic city map cover is for the Copenhagen guide drawn by Miss Lotion.

Victionary`s CITIx60 City Guide is a unique collaboration between local creatives from different cities. A selection of 60 hangouts loved by the collaborators cover architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, eating and entertainment. The contributors are all artists or designers at the cutting edge of what´s going on and when, all known for their work from filmmaking and culinary innovations, to advertising and design. The CITIx60 guide series now cover Istanbul (new), Vienna, Stockholm, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Barcelona. All the books have a city map cover designed by a selected designer. The maps from all the books are now available to buy as limited edition art prints.

Victionary books were founded in 2001 by Victor Cheung and specialize in visual arts and design world wide, with focus on graphic design, illustrations, fashion, architecture, product design and contemporary art projects.


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