Tintra Footbridge

The Tintra footbridge replaces a historic bridge that was destroyed by a flood. Rintala Eggertsson Architects won the competition with a steel lattice bridge in cor-ten steel and wooden floors, walls and ceilings. It was important that the new bridge provides good visibility to the powerful nature in the area, and also be a source of recreation and a basecamp of activities as the old bridge had been. The design of the new bridge is based on the idea of a rhythmical play of modules and the distance between the already existing remaining pillars in the river. A main steel structure functions as the base rhythm with the wooden structure as a secondary movement. The two platforms on top of the pillars generate pauses in the regular rhythm and offer a more direct contact with the landscape and function as perfect fishing platforms as well. By using steel and Accoya cladding there is no need of expensive maintenance, and the roof eliminate the need of snow plowing, a complicated issue for pedestrian bridges. Photo: Dag Jenssen.