Thors Design

In the little town Timring on Jylland you find Thors Design – an award-winning manufacturer and workshop that produces furniture from upcycled azobé wood sourced from decommissioned ferry landings and wharves. Carsten Thor is the founder and primary designer of the company’s products, and nothing is mass-produced. Every piece is created uniquely by hand, bespoke solutions custom-made to the client’s specific needs, and with a goal of retaining the history and natural character of the wood. In the autumn of 2016, when they participated in the Conscious Hospitality Show in London, Thors-Design won an award for Best New Idea. The award was won for the company’s concept of upcycling. Allthough far from the beaten track eager clients are visiting the workshop. – I believe that if you have a good product, it doesn’t matter that much where you are situated, people will come to you, if the product is good enough, Carsten Thor says. – A while ago, we had some customers who flew directly from London to Billund Airport in Denmark, where they rented a car and drove for almost two hours to our workshop. They took the trip to order two tables that were to be delivered 18 months later in Marseille in Southern France. Credit: DANISH™