Snøhetta in Lebanon

The Banque Libano Francaise (BLF) new general headquarters has an architectural concept that is both generic and conceptual at the same time. It points towards a new future for both the bank and the city, being recognizable with all its public qualities evolving corporate strategies and demands on the interior spaces. The working environment is focused around a specific exterior space that is carved from the built volume, and terraces become social hubs around which the working environment is organized. The design articulates a clearly public and private domain, with a public base connected to the street and surrounding urban context. -The parameters for sustainability will evolve with the user requirements and project specific criteria. The overriding factors will be ensuring: Economic Sustainability – the project must be fundamentally economically viable; Social Sustainability – the project must give back to the city and complement the existing urban context; and Environmental Sustainability – the project must respond to the environment both in regard to energy consumed and with regard the embodied energy of the structure, according to the Snøhetta press release. Image cred MIR/Snøhetta.