Small Spaces Award 2016

The World Architecture News Awards (WAN Awards) is a unique international architectural awards program organized by The World Architecture News online magazine. 22 categories are represented throughout the year and judged by an extensive panel of top international experts. Fortunen architects winning design was selected from a shortlist of 12 projects in the category Small Spaces.

Skjervsfossen (Skjervet waterfall) is situated along the former road connecting east and west of Norway, and is because of its breathtaking landscape and waterfall drop of 135 meters a major tourist attraction. Fortunen was commissioned by Norwegian Public Roads Administration to design a small service building along the National Tourist Route Hardanger, consisting of two restrooms and a small technical room. The building is placed in the open landscape with wide views to the mountain and the valley. Appearing as a small peace carved out of the mountainside the building attempts to mirror the massive and closed forms of the surroundings. The overall project consists of a nature trail connecting several viewpoints, a new parking area with picnic and the restroom facilities, and two pathways leading to the edge and bottom of the drop with the landscape design by Østengen & Bergo.


Photo: Fortunen

Photo: Steinar Skaar

Photo: Fortunen

Photo: Steinar Skaar

Photo: Roger Ellingsen

Photo: Pål Hoff

Photo: Vidar Herre