Our Taiwan friends 2

The Chorus project is a 190 square meter apartment with a mezzanine in a 30 years old high rise in Taipei. The mother in the family of four with two small children has grown up and lived in the apartment with her parents, so the main idea for a change and a rehabilitation of the surroundings was to go from an existing sedate dark interior to a vigorous and colorful look. The kitchen, dining and living area are situated on the main floor with a dining table large enough for both family and friends. A colorful window ornament in the staircase is inspired by church glass windows and adds up all the colors in the apartment. The small area beside the stair works as a peaceful place for relaxation. The upper floor is private with master bedroom and the childrens area. All in all the color scheme and floor plan have totally changed the apartment and given the young family a suitable fresh new home. Ganna design and the partners Shin-Jie Lin and Ting-Liang Chen completed the Chorus project in 2014. Photo by: Siew Sam / MWphotoinc.