Our Taiwan friends 1

Located on the 8th floor of a central Taipei building the apartment offers a nice view and daylight situation. Basically it appeared with a rough surface all over, which gave the designers a perfect opportunity to start from scratch. The over all design concept by Ganna Design is a combination of the rough and the delicate. Preserving the existing concrete roof gives a stylish contrast to the smooth surface of walls and interior elements. The main focus has been to design a perfect situation when it comes to open and private space for one adult and two teenagers as well as to incorporate the daylight and city skyline.

Photo: Siew Shien Sam / M W photo inc.

bilde9Kitchen, dining and living room with colouful kitchen island and furnishing in colorful contrast to the rough ceiling.

bilde5Two different chandeliers describes the kitchen and dining area.

bilde4Delicate furnishing is used to contrast the concrete roof.

bilde1bilde2bilde6Master bedroom with semi-open bath room with a spectacular bathtub situation.

bilde7bilde8Bedrom 2 with glass and wood panels to separate the bedroom and dressing room.

 The Taipei based Ganna Design and the designers  Shin-Jie Lin and Ting-Liang Chen.