NYTT ROM launches THE SPARK ISSUE, introducing an apartment in Oslo, an extension on a brick house in Copenhagen, and Gentofte´s (just outside of Copenhagen) “most ugly” house – three quite so different approaches to create a home illustrates the interesting diversity and creative possibilities of Scandinavian living. We embrace the classic, blond Scandinavian as well as a clearly international influence, and look closer into a house designed by Poul Henningsen from 1937 (the very same famous for the PH lamp), where the use of color is of great significance, just as in the Oslo apartment. In addition, we present the renowned Norwegian based photographer Massimo Leardini’s charming pictures of Italian grape harvesting. It is autumn. It has become darker. So, what is more pleasant than to present a dazzling, sunny atmosphere on the small island Ponza, between Rome and Naples.

We have also had an interesting talk with the famous designer Jay Osgerby, about their work and approach on design at their 40 employees London based Barber & Osgerby studio. Among other things about the moment when you feel that a design falls into place: the spark, the moment when some things being spoken or sketched visualizes and develops a great concept, and prepares the way to a complete project. NYTT ROM issue number 60 is in stores from Thursday October 5.