Obviously there is a lot of talk about furniture, colors, patterns and objects, often expensive things. These are objects and shapes that make up a style and appearance. However, the most important thing is that our home can facilitate wellbeing, and wellbeing is often for free. A summer house in this edition designed by the Swedish architects Arrhov Frick is a good example. The wooden box on a lawn has a simple appearance, but has been arranged for a number of pleasant activities, like cooking from an outdoor kitchen under the pergola, look out over the sea a summer night, hear the rain drum on the roof, and go barefooted in the dew lawn. In fact, it is not that important how it is decorated. Both architect Johan Arrhov´s and Frama founder Niels Christophersen´s apartments are interesting examples that understates simplicity and personality in modest way and offer aesthetically wellness. And last but not least, a town house in Frederiksberg Cph has it all,- loads of comfort and wellbeing. NYTT ROM issue 59 is in stores from August 24. Enjoy!