Norway Designs Anniversary

This year Norway Designs celebrates their 60 years anniversary, one of Norwegian´s oldest and most important design stores with a focus on Norwegian and Nordic design. It was establishedin in Oslo in 1957 by Per Tannum, and the underlying story around the establishment is quite interesting in the sense of Norwegian design. In the middle of the 1950´s, Grete Prytz Kittelsen and Arne Korsmo were two of Norway´s most renowned designers. In 1949-50 they went on a study trip in the USA and Mexico, and established contacts with several major cultural personalities at that time. Back in Norway they started planning a large exhibition of Norwegian art in Chicago, together with amongst others Per Tannum. The result was a series of sales exhibitions called Norway Designs for Living, with the first one opening in 1951. The Chicago project lasted until 1953, when Per Tannum due to economic problems took over the rights to the Norway Designs name. With an ambition of making a more international business in Oslo selling Norwegian high quality crafts and design, he succeeded and opened the Norway Designs store in June 1957. In addition Per Tannum was one of the founders of the arts-and craft community and organization called PLUS, a unique phenomena in Norwegian culture- and design history. The family driven Norway Designs store is still synonymous with high quality design and emphasis on arts- and craft. Since 1998 run by Per Tannum´s granddaughter Runa Boman, who continued the work after her mother Liesel Boman after her 36 years in the business.

The anniversary celebrates sixty years of important and exciting contribution to the Norwegian design scene with the exhibition ND60, opening at Norwegian Designs May 4 in collaboration with the auction firm Blomqvist online. At an online auction it is possible to obtain exclusively objects from Per Tannum´s PLUS collection, a part of the ND60 exhibition. The exhibition will run until June 1, and the location is the same as for the sixty years gone: at the corner of Stortingsgaten 28. During the exhibition period it is possible to make bids on Blomqvist online. Nytt Rom congratulates with the anniversary! Photo courtesy: Norway Designs.


Norway Designs 1957.

Logo designed by the Norwegian designer Hermann Bongard.

Norway Designs today.