New Norwegian Cabin Design

Since 50 years back Rindalshytter has been Norway´s leading producer of leisure homes. The Gapahuk cabin is a result of Rindalshytter´s collaboration with internationally renowned Snøhetta, being the architect- and design firm´s first ready-made cabin design. Unique to the market, the shape of the cabin is created to fit into any landscape typography, by the sea, at the mountains or in the woods. A twist on the roof opens up both ends of the rectangular construction, and several tall windows ensure that daylight fills the cabin through out the day. With its spacious indoor design, covered patios outdoors and areas sheltered from the wind, the cabin is a through out design. The Gapahuk cabin reveals innovation and modernism and continues Rindalshytter´s ambition combining Norwegian´s traditional cabin dreams with high class architecture.


Credit: MIRCredit: MIRCredit: MIRCredit: SnøhettaCredit: SnøhettaCredit: Snøhetta