New cabin at the Treehotel

The new room at the Treehotel in the tall pine forest of Northern Sweden provides its guests with breathtaking view of the Lapland treetops and the Lule river. Snøhetta´s design focuses on the surrounding nature and features large windows, a netted terrace and a tree stretching up through the cabin. Twelve columns carry the 55- square meter cabin ten meters above the ground and is designed to create a place for living. With two bedrooms, a social lounge area, bathroom and the airy terrace, the cabin accommodates up to five guests. The cabin has a burnt wooden pine board façade to create a dark and maintenance free façade. Indoor flooring is made from ash wood, whit birch plywood on the interior walls. Large, generous windows in all the rooms allow natural light and works as the main source of light in the cabin. A large glass door leads from the lounge area out on the netted terrace, which spans between the two bedrooms with a pine tree in the middle. Together with the light, wooden furnishing the interior makes up a blonde Nordic contrast to the dark exterior, and celebrates the Nordic cabin in the unique treetop location. Photo: Johan Jansson.