New brewery hot spot in Copenhagen

In the 750 m2 raw building at Nørrebro the To Øl brewery and their owners have established a brewery hot spot with activities ranging from brewing, kegging, cooking, shopping, dining and drinking. The Danish name of the pub Brus refers to liquid that get sparkling when carbonated, and is visually connected to the fact that it is a brewery. Not specially designed for being on display, the brewery is located at the back of the building. Danish oak is a recurring theme throughout the place and carries an inherent reference to the oak barrels used for aging beers. The nine meter long bar, the lounge booths, bar stools and restaurant tables are oak wood merely treated with oil and presented in its most pure form. The bar is a cut back approach revealing the main functions of the place. It has been an ambition not to draw the industrial references as a main interior theme, where the lighting plays a significant role. Wood pendants light up the bar and window areas, and spots highlights the tap list as well as design elements like the plants and the greenery. At night the light in the brewery shifts into bright colors. The different functions of the total space are not remarkably divided, allowing the guests to be both visually and physically a part of it all. The Brus bar is located in the center area with 33 taps serving craft beers brewed on location as well as special brews from around the world. Brus even brews its own tonic water served straight from the tap for mixed cocktails. The restaurant Spontan is situated at the end of the bar kept in the same bright style with oak tree, green plants and a clean surface. Here Denmark´s youngest Michelin starred chef Christian Gadient offers guests a different dining experience, a modern combination of classic French food and new Nordic with an Asian twist. Cred: To Øl PR.