Nærvær Ceramics

In addition to designing the interior of Nærvær, Norm Architects have created the unique collection of pottery in close collaboration with Danish ceramicist Maj-Brit Würtz and the Head Chef at Nærvær, Yves Le Lay. Featuring rustic plates, vases, cups and bowls in different earth tones the collection takes inspiration from the warm materials of the interior. You can see the restaurant Nærvær featured here.

– I saw Maj-Brit´s ceramics for the first time when I was kitchen chef at Nimb. Her craftsmanship and artistry has fascinated me ever since. With Nærvær it has been a fantastic experience to help define the form and colors of the ceramics. I especially think that the jade green color is really unique and it takes my courses to a completely different level visually. Maj-Brit and I had a god conversation back and forth throughout the process where I had a specific course in mind  where I needed a very specific plate or bowl which Maj-Brit then created. There is something really beautiful about how noble craftsmanship meets and it is definitely something that our guests notice, Yves Le Lay says.