Ku.Be House of Culture

The 4000 sqm Ku.Be house for culture and movement in Frederiksberg is design by the Danish ADEPT and MVRDV architects from the Netherlands for the municipality of Frederiksberg as a hub for the city´s inhabitants. This is a whole new approach to bring people together with the aim to have an influence on peoples quality of life. The project combines theater, sports and learning that activates the body and mind for a more healthy life stile. No matter age, skills or interests hopefully it creates contact between people from all parts of the society. Ku.Be consists of 8 volumes with different activity possibilities, all in different colors and materials. From the outside the volumes stands out as a part of the fragmented façade. –We have designed Ku.Be for the reason to encourage the unexpected. The big volumes are perfect for lecturers or meetings, the smaller ones for exhibitions or debates. Some of the rooms are perfect for dance or parkour, and Zen-rooms gives a contrast with yoga or meditation, the co-founder of Adept Martin Krogh explains. The urban gardens outside connects with the building and plays apart in the outdoor activities as well.