Fritz Hansen+Jamie Hayon

To complement Fritz Hansen´s newly launched sofa Lune, Jamie Hayon has designed two throws, a cushion and a sofa tray. The objects demonstrate Hayon´s skill as an artist and sculptor with their whimsical, playful expression, and are characteristically Hayon in both colors and motifs. When asked what good design is, Jamie Hayon says: – Good design is primarily design that lasts. But good design must also have something to say; it must be able to improve our quality of life and it must be meaningful – and not just from a functional point of view. It is also about feelings and I like if it provokes a little and can challenge our way of life. Good design has the ability to evoke emotions and make you feel good: to create happiness. Hayon´s Spanish heritage and sense of humor is inherent in everything he creates, as in his playful new Objects products.


The tray is simultaneously expressive and functional. Its high handle provides an extra dimension as both a sculptural element an a functional tool for carrying.

The cushion is in Jacquard-woven, pure-dyed cotton yarn that helps the motifs pop – references Hayon´s ceramic work and features a thoughtful and unique artistic expression.

The throws are in fact small works of art featuring hand-woven imagery in a typical Hayon motif. The Jacquard-woven pattern is expressed in two shades on the front and back, with the beige version featuring thin golden thread for a subtle shimmering effect.

The new Fritz Hansen sofa Lune alongside a selection of the Fritz Hansen Objects, their line of accessories.