The exhibition opens 28 April and marks the beginning of Frama´s new partnership in France. The shared values between Bensimon and Frama within design and aesthetics sets the frames for the exhibition and will be the foundation for their future work. The exhibition will showcase a variety of objects from Frama´s Permanent Collection characterized by their minimal and simplified design approach.The latest edition of the Studio Kitchen & Cabinets will also be on display, making a statement on how simplified a kitchen can be, while focusing on natural materials and a local sourced production. Frama kitchen is designed to be a free standing element in a space without mounting to any walls or floors, and portrays the light expression of a piece of furniture within the kitchen environment. The exhibition in Paris will lasts until the end of June. The following presentation of Frama´s latest Studio Kitchen edition is photographed by Anders Schønnemann.

During Three Days of Design in Copenhagen at the end of May Frama will re-open the Frama Showroom as a cafe and a shop/gallery and introduce a lot of news, including a new web-platform and the new Apothecary Collection including skincare-products and perfumes.