Finland – Paris

For 100 days the Institut Finlandias will host sleepovers in a living installation called Koti, which means “home” in Finnish. The designer Linda Bergroth has created six sleeping cabins for twelve people, designed to allow maximum privacy and open into a shared space. Every element of the installation has been chosen to show the best of Finnish hospitality and to be a footprint of the Finland spirit and their rich design traditions. A delicious breakfast of traditional specialties will be served every day, and throughout the 100 days there will be concerts and lecturers plus movies and pop-up restaurant at night. Koti is part of a Mobile Home 2017 project, which explores different meanings of home with unique installations at the Finnish Institutes in Benelux, Berlin, London and Paris. The booking for sleepovers in Paris opened the 10th of October, and is hosted by Airbnb.