Faust Signature Store

Faust founder Alvaro Miranda comes from a family of shoemakers. His aim is to continue the for centuries practically unchanged art of shoemaking, and create a personalized experience and a customized result by using a contemporary approach. The store offers both tailor-made shoes as well as handcrafted ready-made shoes, and customers are invited to be part of shoemaking, from the measuring of the feet to the final sculpting and sewing. An important reference for the over all design was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe´s legend of Faust from the Renaissance, and Snøhetta´s design consists of five concrete niches, two with massive carved wooden doors, all with a purpose; to be the designers personal cabinet with tools and material, a place for sitting, displaying and storage.The niches refer to a historic, almost religious architectural language, giving homage to the quality driven trade of shoemaking. The handmade details of the cabinetry reflects the handmade details and the tactility of the products in the store. The interior design and visual identity have links to the handcraft focusing on quality and elegance. A custom-made typeface was created, inspired by strokes and forms of medieval typefaces written with quill and ink. The Faust typeface is handwritten and digitalized by Snøhetta, and is the key element as a logo, embossed into paper on business cards, receipt envelopes and greeting cards. Together with the use of organic paper the brand elements contribute to a unique customer experience. Photo: Lasse Fløde.

 – Now I take you into my keeping, a welcome, and silent guest. Faust