Dorte Mandrup

After eighteen months of renovation and extension the Wadden Sea Centre´s 2800 square meter exhibition hall at the west of Jylland is now about to open. The Wadden Sea is on Unesco World Heritage list and with respect Dorte Mandrup have created a new standard for the combination of the areas local building culture and history with an ultra modern sculptural architectural appearance. – The Wadden Sea Centre is located in an area that dates back to the Viking Age, Mandrup says. – Just as the Viking farms the Wadden Sea Centre is located on a small mound between the sea and the shore. Therefore we decided that the building should be sculptured into the surroundings. It almost grows out of the ground and draws a soft, long and clear profile against the Wadden Sea´s horizon. The characteristic Danish traditional straw roof is used on both façades and roofs. Dorte Mandrup has created a modern building that really works in harmony with the Wadden Sea´s nature and history. – The straw that we have used is harvested around the corner in the local area and is build by ancient craft methods. Straw is an incredibly beautiful material, which is not processed, but just being harvested, dried and packed in place. And, unlike many other materials, it is impregnated only by nature through the salt through the air coming from the sea. In all aspects of the building we have anchored the construction into the area and nature, so visitors get a complete experience getting at the Wadden Sea Centre, Mandrup says. Photo: Adam Mørk.



Dorte Mandrup, Where Place Meets Sculpture, from Louisiana Channel: