– Located in the suburb of Taipei city, the 105 square meter apartment has a nice greenery view with plenty of natural light. The quiet and undisturbed environment inspired us to design the Camping@Home project. A young couple with two children wanted a home with a serene space to calm down and relax after working long hours. They also wanted a Japanese Zen style look and to have their antique collection as a part of the interior. The dining room area plays an important role in the family´s daily life. The children do their homework here, and friends gather and dine. The eye catching iron shelf hanging over the dining table is used for plants and for decorating oil lamps. The teapots and tea boxes on the shelf are a main decoration element in the kitchen area, and the living room is mainly used for listening to music or reading a book. Three rooms were designed in addition to the living area. Washitsu (a Japanese style room) is multifunctional used as a playground space and as a guest room. As for the bathroom, the design is simple but elegant. Wood, with its warm color and soft elegance, is the main color tone of the house. The light green on the sliding door reduces the heavy feeling brought by timber. As for soft decorative assembly, the owner’s collection of antique wood furniture plays an important role, Ganna Design explains. NYTT ROM has presented projects by Ganna Design earlier, you can find them here and here. Photo Camping@Home: Siew Shien Sam / MWphotonic.


bilde4bilde8bilde6bilde1bilde2bilde3bilde5bilde9 Ganna Design and the designers  Shin-Jie Lin and Ting-Liang Chen.