Architectural terracotta

In a series of three the terracotta pots were designed by Cobe architects together with Kilo Design for Cobe´s ongoing solo exhibition at the Danish Architect Centre (DAC) in Copenhagen. The limited edition, architectural terracotta collection is inspired by the material and design of Cobe´s project Forfatterhuset Kindergarten in Copenhagen. The pots come in three different sizes – a vase, a bowl and a flower pot and are for sale during the exhibition at DAC. With the title Our Urban Living Room the ongoing exhibition refers to the extension of the personal sphere into the cityscape and will run until 5 January 2017. Arvinius + Orefus Publishing released the book Cobe: Our Urban Living Room a head the exhibition. Read more about the book on our web here. Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj – Coast.


bilde1bilde2bilde3bilde5Forfatterhuset Kindergarten in Copenhagen.

bilde7From the exhibition: Our Urban Living Room at DAC.

bilde8From the exhibition: Our Urban Living Room at DAC.

bilde6Cobe: Our Urban Living Room published by Arvinius + Orefus.