A tribute to Wegner

Hans J. Wegner´s legendary Wishbone Chair represented a design breakthrough when it was unveiled in 1950. On the occasion of Wegner´s 103 birthday this month, Carl Hansen & Son is offering an elm version of the iconic chair, available in a limited, signed edition only on April 27. With a graphic, expressive design the Wishbone chair has been manufactured in a variety of wood types since its introduction in 1950, and has demonstrated Wegner´s innovative and unique understanding of wood´s potential. Elm was a common forest wood in Denmark for thousands of years, used for furniture and other household items requiring a strong wood type. Like beech, oak and ash, elm wood can be steam bent. But with elm no longer prevalent in Denmark or Europe, Carl Hansen & Son has used elm from North American forests for this special edition. The chair is made of oil-treated elm with a natural, woven paper cord seat. All chairs sold on April 27 will come engraved with Hans J. Wegner´s signature and date of birth made on the woods surface, discreetly located on the interior side of the chair´s frame reproducing the signature with high degree of detail in keeping with Wegner´s high craftsmanship standards.