Posted on August 26th, by Dorthe Smeby in Design.
Looking for the perfect wooden dinner table with no luck, Philipp Roessler successfully designed it himself and founded Nutsandwoods studio.

Design by Dane

Posted on August 23rd, by Dorthe Smeby in Design.
The Danish design company Design by Dane was founded in 2015 and presents a new take on old, classic Scandinavian design traditions.

Nytt Rom #53

Posted on August 18th, by Dorthe Smeby in media.
Nytt Rom´s August issue presents interesting, edgy and inspirational homes and studios with the over all theme: “The easy to like issue”.

Snøhetta in Lebanon

Posted on August 17th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture.
The competition to design the new Banque Libano Francaise was won by Snøhetta, and will be their first commission in Lebanon.